About Us

King Image Photobooths are a family owned and operated business in Dunsborough WA. Our high quality photobooths, exceptional service and sensational props & backdrops will entertain your guests all night long! Our name speaks volumes;  we offer the royal treatment without the royal price tag. You won't be disappointed.

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, kids party, school ball, themed party, corporate gathering or tourist festival, our photobooths will turn your event into a special occasion fit for a King!

Contact us

[icon size=18 pos=padding-left:0 icon=phone color=#2e2e2e ] 0410 183 933 (Dunsborough, Western Australia)

[icon size=18 pos=padding-left:0 icon=envelope color=#2e2e2e ] kingimagephotobooths@outlook.com

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